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Xcerta Quad-9

Xcerta Quad-9
SKU: 134-03-11950

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High Performance, Quad-Density 9-Track Tape Drive

Xcerta Quad-9 ½-inch Open Reel Magnetic Tape Drive


Extended Warranty for Tape Drives

Our Extended Service eliminates hourly repair bills and puts you at the front of the line for tape drive repair. We repair many brands and formats of tape drives:

  • HP 88780/7980- based 9-track tape drives, including Tandem 5170, Tandem 5175, IBM 9348, Sun, Scitex, Sequent, AT&T, NCR;
  • 18-track, 36-track, 128-track, 256-track and 384-track SCSI by Xcerta, Fujitsu, Tandem, IBM, Sequent, Qualstar, Overland Data, JVC, MP Tapes, VDS. (Formats: 3480, 3490, 3490e, 3590, 3590e, 3590h.)
  • Don't wait till trouble finds you. Call 800-432-8638/563-355-1212 today.


    The Xcerta Quad-9 is a high-performance 9-track tape drive that operates at 800, 1600, 3200 and 6250 bpi. The Quad-9 runs at 50 ips true start/stop and at 100 ips in streaming mode at all densities. Microprocessor-driven servos provide fast and reliable push button operation.

    Easy to Operate

    Using the large LCD display and user-friendly front panel, the operator may select start/stop or streaming, enable or disable cache buffers, adjust transfer rates and more. The Xcerta Quad-9 may be run in both programmable and auto-program modes. Auto-program permits the drive to select the mode of operation permitting the greatest overall throughput.

    Available interfaces include the Pertec industry standard, SCSI, HPIB and RS-232.


    Tape Loading Self threading/Auto loading
    Tape Speed 50 ips true start/stop
    100 ips streaming
    Media Computer grade half-inch magnetic tape ANSI-X3.40,1976
    Reel Size 6 inch to 10.5 inch
    Head Type 9 track, dual gap, read-after-write
    Data Format GCR - 6250bpi
    DDPE - 3200bpi
    PE - 1600bpi
    NRZI - 800bpi
    Data Transfer Rate at 50ips GCR 312,000bps
    DDPE 160,000bps
    PE 80,000bps
    NRZI 40,000bps
    Data Transfer Rate at 100ips GCR 625,000bps
    DDPE 320,000bps
    PE 160,000bps
    NRZI 80,000bps
    Data Transfer Rate with Cache Up to 1.0 Megabytes per second
    Rewind Time 180 seconds for 2400 foot tape
    Loading Time 25 seconds maximum
    Operating Environment Temperature: 40 F (5 C) to 100 F (38 C)
    Relative Humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing
    Altitude: 0 to 10,000 feet
    Weight Rack: 83.6 lbs (38 kg)
    Desktop: 92.4 lbs (42 kg)
    Dimensions Rack: H: 8.7" (221 mm) W: 18.9" (480 mm) D: 24.4" (620 mm)
    Desktop: H: 9.4" (229 mm) W: 18.9" (480 mm) D: 24.4" (620 mm)
    Power 100-120 VAC at 50-60Hz; 500 Watts maximum
    Connectivity Work Stations : HP, IBM, NEC, SGI, SONY, SUN
    PC: Windows 95/98/NT

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