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Comco's WorldTerms Blanket The Globe

Buy from a US company at US prices on terms, just as if you are based in the USA, from almost anywhere on Planet Earth! Businesses and governments are both welcome.

Ask your Comco representative to fax you a credit application. Once you have filled it out completely, sign it and fax it back to us, along with your purchase order. We will respond as quickly as possible. A one-time credit application fee may apply.

Think about it. You can finally reap the benefits of Comco's great products, service and prices, while living in the country you love. Call 563-355-1212 / 800-432-8638 or e-mail us at for your Comco credit application now, while you are thinking about it.

If you cannot wait for us to check your credit, ask about our GlobePay program.


[Comco proudly accepts Visa.] [Comco proudly accepts Mastercard.]
[Comco proudly accepts Discover.] [Comco proudly accepts American Express.]
[Comco has been a proud member of the NetCheck Commerce Bureau since July of 1997.]
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Data Processing Software: Data Conversion / Search-And-Replace / Raw Databases / Developer Components / Mail & Data Utilities / PAVE-Certified Postal Presorting / CASS-Certified Postal Coding / Tape Drive Control / Tape Drives: LTO3, LTO4, LTO5 Tape Drives and Libraries / 3592 J1A, E05, E06 / 3590B, 3590E, 3590H / 3480, 3490, 3490e / 9-Track / Tape Drive Repair / Recertified Tape / Electronics Repair: Professional Hardware Repair / Data Processing

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