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Tape Translator Pro for SCSI Tape Drives

Tape Translator Pro for SCSI Tape Drives
SKU: 134-05-13470

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You're facing multi-dimensional tables, fixed and variable-length records, reverse-packed and IBM floating point fields on mainframe tape. Every "data pro" on the web has told you it can't be salvaged. Maybe they didn't have the right data extraction utility.

Tape Translator Pro... The Cadillac of Data Extraction Utilities

Tape Translator Pro tears through mainframe tapes, blowing out PC-readable data.

Tape Translator Pro handles multi-dimensional tables, fixed and variable-length records, reverse-packed fields and IBM floating point fields... The kind of problem data that lesser software just can't touch.

Advanced Data Targeting

Tape Translator Pro's record-based and field-based filters let you target only the data you need. No more pouring over gigabytes of irrelevant data by hand.

Customizable Data Output

Tape Translator Pro can output a wide variety of formats: fixed field, comma delimited, dBASE, FoxPro, and Paradox. Plus, you can change field order or insert field and record delimiters on a whim.

Tape Translator Pro's pull-down menus make tape-to-disk and disk-to-disk transfers a breeze... Even hex dumps. (Hot Tip: Because complex tables often require a lot of adjustments, we use NovaXchange to dump the raw mainframe data from tape to disk first, then do ultra-fast translation with Tape Translator Pro on disk.)

Reusable Configuration Files

Many data extraction jobs are performed on an ongoing basis. Tape Translator Pro doesn't ask you to set up the same configuration over and over again. No matter how complex your job is, you may save it for later reuse.

File Input Formats

  • Tape: Labeled or unlabeled in EBCDIC or ASCII.
  • File: Fixed blocked, blocked or variable unblocked.
  • Record: Fixed length, comma separated value, variable, redefined, trailer or implied trailer.
  • Field: Character, numeric, packed, unsigned packed, reverse packed, COMP-2, COMP-3, zoned decimal, binary, signed binary, floating point.

File Output Formats

  • dBASE/FoxPro
  • comma separated values
  • fixed length
  • binary fixed
  • Paradox

Tape Translator Pro System Requirements

  • MSDOS software runs under for Windows 98se/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003.
  • Requires SCSI ASPI for use with tape drives.
  • Translates data on disk without the need for a tape drive.

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