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SmartAddresser 5

SmartAddresser 5

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From state-of-the art Address Correction features and all of the very latest Postal Presorting options, to innovative new features such as 24/7 unattended mail processing with Job Scripting, the all-new SmartAddresser 5® is the postal software you can trust to keep your data accurate and your mail prepared correctly - saving you time and saving you money!

Total Address Quality

CASS Certified® with DPV® logic, SmartAddresser 5 standardizes, validates and barcodes your addresses, rewarding you with automation rates, faster mail delivery and a reduction in returned undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail. Eliminate wasted exposures to non-existent addresses!

Stay Up To Date As Addresses Change

Seamlessly integrated, our optional Move Update Module utilizes NCOALinkŪ and ANKLink® technology making immediate change-of-address modifications for individual, family, and business moves before your mail enters the mailstream.

Flexible Importing and Exporting

SmartAddresser 5 reads more than a dozen of the most popular data formats including dBase, ASCII, Excel®, and CSV. Our exclusive "Auto-Map" feature automatically identifies common field names, making manual field mapping obsolete.

Does Your Database Have Twins?

Further reduce postage, printing charges and customer irritation by removing duplicates using our patented duplicate detection algorithm featuring soundex (sounds like) and exact match technology. Take it a step further and design your own duplicate detection method based on any field or group of fields that you choose.

Presorting, Postal Forms, and Container Tags

SmartAddresser 5 is PAVE® Certified. Our Presort Setup window walks you through the process of presorting to provide maximum postal discounts. SmartAddresser 5 produces USPSŪ required standardized documentation (i.e., Qualification Report) for each mailing as well as tray/sack tags, postage statement facsimiles, and other valuable tracking reports automatically. Reduce time and error by saving all of your presort settings for your next mailing tasks!

"I'm Searching For..."

Use Quick Find to locate data in a specified field. For advanced searching, use the Search Editor to draw on over 100 conditions to define your custom search over multiple fields to locate data.

Multiple Drop Shipment and Pro-Mailer Sortations

In addition to First, Standard and Periodical class mail, SmartAddresser 5 also supports Multiple Drop Shipment and Bound Printed Matter. Our optional Pro-Mailer Modules provide Palletization, Package Services, Manifesting, and Mail.dat options. With SmartAddresser 5, you are assured a valid presorted mailing.

24/7 Unattended Mail Processing with Job Scripting

Sequence and save work you perform repetitively. Import lists, correct addresses, remove duplicates, presort mail and more with a click of a mouse. Now anyone in your office can prepare a mailing at any time; no postal knowledge required. The "Watch Folder" waits for a file to arrive and then automatically processes the job script you created. The "Script Timer" can begin processing a list on the day and time you decide. Total control.

New Print Layout Assistant!

SmartAddresser 5's new "Print Layout Assistant" makes label and envelope design a snap. Create your own label or use one of our pre-defined label formats. Add barcodes, endorsement lines, graphics, return address, teaser copy, and more to your envelope design. Or keep it simple - it's your choice. See your envelope before you print and save your label and envelope designs for future use.

Need to Report Results?

SmartAddresser 5 generates all required postal reports,including: Qualification Report, Mailing Statement Facsimile, CASS® Certificate and over two dozen other reports. Create your own custom reports with your company letterhead including graphics

We Know Printers

Designed with Windows technology, SmartAddresser 5 easily prints to the hottest printers in the mailing industry, including Hasler®, Neopost®, RENA®, Secap®, Pitney-Bowes® and more. Whether you output to direct imprint, inkjet, laser or dot matrix printers, we've got you covered.

SmartAddresser 5 Full vs. LT

With SmartAddresser 5, you have a choice of two professional mailing management software products. SmartAddresser 5 Full is the perfect all-in-one solution for mailers with enterprise list requirements and database manipulation demands. SmartAddresser 5 LT is designed for the smaller mailer, retaining most of the features of the Full version, but limited to lists of 5000 records or less. Compare the two to decide which one works best for your needs.

FeatureSA5 LTSA5 Full
List Size5,000Unlimited
Updates Per Year66
Toll-Free Telephone Technical SupportUnlimitedUnlimited
Postage Saving/Mailing Features
USPS CASS Certified with DPV and LACSLinkYesYes
Presort First Class Mail: Letters, Flats, Postcards, ParcelsYesYes
Presort Periodical Mail: Letters, FlatsNoYes
Presort Standard Mail: Letters, Flats, Irregular ParcelsYesYes
Multiple Drop Ship, Bound Printed Matter & Customized Market MailNoYes
Print Required Postal DocumentationYesYes
Print Required Barcoded Tray and Bag TagsYesYes
Print Barcoded Address Labels & EnvelopesYesYes
Add LOT and Carrier Route InformationYesYes
Productivity Features
24/7 Unattended Mail Processing with Job ScriptingNoYes
Built-In Backup and RestoreNoYes
Automatic Format IdentificationYesYes
Automatic Field MappingYesYes
Automatic Field Parsing City-St-Zip, Sal-First-M-LastYesYes
Pre-Defined Database SortsYesYes
User-Defined Database SortsNoYes
Spreadsheet View & Single Record View CustomizableYesYes
Batch and Single Address CorrectionYesYes
Save Address Validation, Presort , Mailer Setup & Label SettingsYesYes
Create and Save Command ExpressionsNoYes
Direct Impression Printer SupportYesYes
List Enhancement Features
Basic Duplicate Detection with Soundex and A.K.A. MatchingYesYes
Custom Duplicate Detection with Soundex and A.K.A. MatchingNoYes
User-Defined Duplicate Detection - Match CodesNoYes
A.K.A. Dictionary - "If/Then" Data ReplacementNoYes
Correct Addresses, ZIP Codes and Append +4YesYes
County Name and County Code AppendingYesYes
Time Zone Appending & Telephone Area Code AppendingNoYes
Longitude and Latitude Appending to 5-Digit LevelNoYes
Expand Address Components to Traditional WordingNoYes
Punctuate All Address ComponentsNoYes
Preserve Original Specific Address ComponentsNoYes
Format To Mixed, Upper and Perfect CasingYesYes
Database Features
Search & ReplaceNoYes
Single Field SearchYesYes
Multiple Field Search Editor With ConditionsNoYes
Radius and "Donut" SearchNoYes
Add Conditional Text and Graphics to Address Labels & EnvelopesYesYes
"Nth" Record Select - List TestingNoYes

[Comco is a Certified Reseller of SmartSoft products and services.]

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