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Node Matching For Cable Television Systems

Node Matching For Cable Television Systems

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You've paid for the door-to-door survey. They've assigned your nodes. But they left out the city. Why? Because that's the toughest part of the job. And that's what we do best.

Comco's cable database craftsmen understand nodes. That's why we deliver the highest match-rate in the cable television industry. How close to 100% will we get? That depends mostly on the quality of your house file and the door-to-door survey. But rest assured... If Comco can't match it, it probably can't be accurately matched by computer.

Now. About the turnaround. If you need a cheap sloppy job done overnite, you don't need us. You need your head examined. You'll quickly blow your budget dispatching installers and service folk to the wrong locations all over your system.

On the other hand, if you consider accurate data for your company to be a great way to enhance your career, give us a buzz. You won't get it overnite. You won't get it cheap. But you'll get data as accurate as today's technology can make it.

And that ain't bad.

3 Easy Steps To Useable Data
  1. Call or Email Us
    We’ll ask you for a few details, and give you a price and completion date.
  2. Send Us Your Data
    Mail it or send it electronically.
  3. Wait
    We’ll email you when your job is done.
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USC GIS Research Laboratory
Partnering with the GIS Research Laboratory at the University of Southern California

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