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Move Update Module (MUV) for SmartAddresser 5

Move Update Module (MUV) for SmartAddresser 5

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SmartAddresser 5's Move Update option provides new address information from the USPS® NCOALink® and ANKLink® systems when the addressee has filed a permanent Change of Address® (COA).

With around 1 in 7 individuals or businesses changing their address every year, it is easy to see how this can develop into a big problem. Wrong addresses mean wasted printing, postage and time, not to mention lost opportunities and the potential harm to your reputation in the eyes of your customers.

With the USPS tightening its rules for mailers to update their data through an approved Move Update process to qualify for automation and other discounts, SmartAddresser 5's MUV Module is a great way for you to comply with these new rules and reduce your UAA mail.

The MUV Module is easy to use, simple to understand and now faster than ever before! Flexible purchase options make it affordable for any size user. What's more, you never leave the familiar SmartAddresser 5 interface; simply click on the NCOALink button and your lists are processed in real time - what could be simpler?

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