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MatchUp (formerly DoubleTake)

MatchUp (formerly DoubleTake)

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Top of the line duplicate elimination program. Finds and eliminates costly duplicates.
  • Reduce costs associated with duplicate records
  • Increase response rates
  • Maintain a productive, efficient database
  • Save time de-duping up to 512 files in one run
  • Reduce errors and save time with merge/purge
Imagine being able to merge and/or purge files in different software formats (xBase, ASCII, Excel, Access, ODBC, SQL, Oracle and DB/2 tables) with different name, address, and city/state/ZIP structures. No changing structures! No importing! You can do it all with powerful MatchUp!

Find More Duplicates Faster

Match Up allows for the use of up to eight "matchcodes" in a single run for quick, thorough results. You can set one code search on addresses, a second on phone numbers, etc. If any matchcode hits, dupes are recorded! Easily create unique matchcodes that look for any length of data from any place in any field.

Select from exact matching, Soundex, or Phonetics matching which recognizes phonemes like "ph" and "sh". Match Up also recognizes nicknames (Liz, Beth, Betty, Betsy, Elizabeth) and alternate spellings (Gene, Jean, Jeanne). You'll find more dupes faster and in fewer steps than with any other merge/purge program for the PC. You can also save matchcodes for future reuse: a great time-saver for frequently-used files.

Street Smart

Match Up can output street address components in separate fields. You also have the option of reformatting addresses to maximize the success of your ZIP+4 encoder and fix ZIP+4 blind spots (See Matchup with CASS).

It flies Through Lists!

Match Up has the speed to match its power and flexibility, averaging 50 million records per hour! Four different kinds of reports are available, each with user-modifiable headers. Reports can be outputted to a printer or ASCII file. You can also view duplicates horizontally or vertically.


  • Process dBase, ASCII, Excel, Access, ODBC, SQL, Oracle and DB/2 tables
  • Fast processing, about 50 million records per hour
  • Merge files with different field structures directly
  • Assign priority for eliminating duplicate records
  • Process up to 512 files in one run
  • Split name, address, and city/state/zip fields on the fly
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Free tech support

Minimum Requirements

128MB of free RAM, 10MB hard disk space for program and Windows 2000/XP.
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