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M4 Data M490L

M4 Data M490L
SKU: 134-04-11325

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Affordable, True Mainframe-Class Backup... In Desktop Space

M490L 36-Track Autolibrary

Everything you've worked for can be lost in a single moment. That's why you don't take system failures for granted... and a tape backup like the M490L Autolibrary is critical to the life of your business.

In fact, the need for robust, fast, high-capacity backup designed for mission-critical data has never been stronger. But with the M490L Autolibrary you can have easy, automatic access to 15 standard 1/2 inch data cartridges, providing all the benefits of true mainframe-class backup and hierarchical data storage management. Best of all, you can get this technology at entry-level prices... and in desktop space!

Because it has been designed and priced to cater specifically to the midrange and workstation user, the M490L Autolibrary has all the features and qualities of the embedded M490E drive* and allows unattended backup of large amounts of data at speeds that would take other technologies more than twice as long.

For its size, the M490L Autolibrary holds an impressive 15 tape cartridges and is able to store or retrieve 36 GB of data in just over two hours. It is, within its class, one of the fastest, safest and most durable backup solutions available.


Auto Library

15-cartridge automatic loader with dual seven-cartridge magazines, and one priority slot for cleaning cartridge. Sequential or random cartridge selection.
Capacity: Typically 36 GB (compressed)*;
With IDRC & E-tape: 800 MB to 2.4 GB (compressed)* per cartridge
Media: ANSI 3480 standard and extended length cartridges (E-tape) 
Format: Read/write 36-track; read 18-track
Data Buffer: 4 MB

Dimensions (rack-mount unit)

Width: 18.98 inches (482 mm)
Height: 8.7 inches (221 mm)
Depth: 26.0 inches (660 mm)


Read/Write Tape Speed: 2 meter/sec. (79 ips)
High-speed Search: 4 meters/sec. (158 ips)
Rewind Time: 2 sec. (minimum, BOT, wrap 2);
90 sec. (max., EOT, wrap 1, E-tape);
End of wrap 2 aproximately 2 sec.

Interface Options

Single-ended or differential Fast Wide SCSI 2, FIPS 60

Transfer Rates

Native: 3 MB/sec.
Compressed: 9 MB/sec.
Interface (burst): 20 MB/sec. SCSI, 4.5 MB/sec. FIPS


MTBF: >40,000 hours
MTTR 30 minutes

Physical (basic rack-mount unit)**

Weight: 31 lb. (14.1 kg)


Width: 8.55 inches (217 mm)
Height: 5.0 inches (127 mm)
Depth: 21.3 inches (541 mm)


Power Consumption: 210 VA maximum (basic unit)
In-rush Current: 35A (maximum)
Supply: 88 to 264 V a.c., 48 to 62 Hz, autoranging
Power Factor: Better than 0.96


Operating: 50ø F to 105ø F (10ø to 40ø C)
Storage: 14ø F to 122ø F
Humidity: 8% to 85%; 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Wet Bulb: 78ø F (25.6ø C) maximum, non-condensing
Altitude: -1,000 to +10,000 ft (-300 to +300m)


Two year factory warranty.

* Assumes 3:1 compression;
** When mounted vertically, up to 3 drives can be fitted side by side in a 19-in. rack

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