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M4 Data M490E

M4 Data M490E
SKU: 134-04-11175

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Mid-Range And Mainframe Data Interchange For 3480, 3490 And 3490E

M4 Data M490E 3490E-Compatible 18/36-Track Cartridge Unit

For the ultimate in mid-range and mainframe data interchange, the M490E provides a fast, reliable way to access 3480, 3490 and 3490E cartridges.

The simple, dependable, single-sweep-loading mechanism brings the tape to ready in only 7 seconds. Plus the M490E features a high speed four-meter-per-second tape search mode for rapid file access.

It also features fully pressurized air bearings and recording head to ensure that the tape floats on air at all times. This virtually eliminates friction and stiction and makes tape wear a thing of the past. The air film is maintained at all tape speeds, even when the tape is stationary for a long period (which is not the case with aerodynamic air chutes). A reliable and quiet miniature rotary-vane pump powers the air system.

For additional data integrity, M490E vacuums away any media debris from two tape conditioners and traps it in a sealed-for-life filtration unit.

A Booming Need For Data Storage

The explosion in data processing has emphasized the importance not only of how much data can be stored, but also how safe the data is, and how quickly data can be accessed or restored.

The M490E uses 36-track 1/2 inch cartridges to bring outstanding performance and IBM-endorsed 3490E mainframe technology to midrange and workstation users... at a much lower price and in a compact 8-inch form factor.

Its ability to read all 18-track 3480 tapes enables older archives to be easily upgraded.

Why Choose 3490E Technology?
For important mainframe-class data, 3490E is the most proven, most resilient, most accepted and most widely used technology. It caters to the demanding backup requirements of the future, and it guarantees faster operation than that provided by most other tape technologies.

Add the fact that 3490E technology conforms to worldwide interchange standards, is accessible on most computers... from PCs through to mainframes... and provides long-term security of investment, and the choice is obvious.

And all this at a low media cost of around $2 per GB.

Reliable, Accessible... And It Comes With A Two-Year Warranty

The M490E requires no field adjustments and takes advantage of proven VLSI technology to minimize the parts count. And, despite its compact size (not much bigger than a shoe box!), it has the best component accessibility of any drive in its class.

Reliability is such that there are no duty-cycle restrictions, and M4 Data backs this up with a two-year factory warranty.

From Single Unit To A Tape Library

The M490E can be used horizontally or vertically, in a desktop or rack-mount configuration and, as your system grows, the standard M490E can easily be upgraded to an M490L library system or used in other library configurations.

Actually, the M490E is at home in automated tape libraries (check out the M490L and the M9710), which have to operate constantly with nearly 100% duty cycles. You see, where some tape drives are designed for occasional use, the M490E is intended for hard use. It even has a loading mechanism that is specifically designed for use in automated tape libraries.

The M490E is available with FAST WIDE SCSI or dual channel FIPS (Block Multiplex Channel) interface, so it can attach to any of today's (or yesterday's) systems.

M490E Features:

The M490E offers more flexibility and high-end features than previously available in this class of product:

  • True mainframe-class technology on your desk
  • Super-fast performance, with 3 MB/sec. Sustained native data transfer rate (>25 GB/hour at 3:1 compression) and fast search at 4 meters/sec
  • Fast Wide SCSI permits a burst rate of up to 20 MB/sec., and there is a FIPS interface option. Connectivity from PCs through to mainframes
  • Capacity of 2.4 GB with 3:1 IDRC compression/compaction
  • No-contact, pressurized, fixed-head 36-track read/write and 18-track read capability (>10,000 hrs head life). Avoids the short life and low data transfer rate of most helical-scan heads
  • Air bearings for kid-glove tape handling
  • No-compromise automated-library-class loading durability
  • The smallest drive in its class... 5 in. high, 8.5 in. wide and 21.3 in. long
  • Available with multiple cartridge capability



Media: ANSI 3480 standard and extended length cartridges (E-tape)
(IDRC and E-tape)
800 MB to 2.4 GB (compressed)* per cartridge
Format: Read/write 36-track; read 18-track
Data Buffer: 4 MB


Read/Write Tape Speed: 2 meter/sec. (79 ips)
High-speed Search: 4 meters/sec. (158 ips)
Rewind Time: 2 sec. (minimum, BOT, wrap 2);
90 sec. (max., EOT, wrap 1, E-tape);
End of wrap 2 approximately 2 sec.

Interface Options

Single-ended or differential Fast Wide SCSI 2, FIPS 60

Transfer Rates

Native: 3 MB/sec.
Compressed: 9 MB/sec.
Interface (burst): 20 MB/sec. SCSI, 4.5 MB/sec. FIPS


MTBF: >40,000 hours
MTTR 30 minutes

Physical (basic rack-mount unit)**

Weight: 31 lb. (14.1 kg)


Width: 8.55 inches (217 mm)
Height: 5.0 inches (127 mm)
Depth: 21.3 inches (541 mm)


Power Consumption: (basic unit) 210 VA maximum
Inrush Current: (maximum) 35A
Supply: 88 to 264 V a.c., 48 to 62 Hz
Power Factor: Better than 0.96


50ø F to 105ø F (10ø to 40ø C)
14ø F to 122ø F
8% to 85%; 5% to 90%
Wet Bulb:
(max., non-condensing)
78ø F (25.6ø C)
Altitude: -1,000 to +10,000 ft (-300 to +300m)


Two year factory warranty.

* Assumes 3:1 compression
** When mounted vertically, up to 3 drives can be fitted side by side in a 19-in. rack

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