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M4 Data 9914V

M4 Data 9914V
SKU: 134-03-10100

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Vertical 9-Track Tape System For Complete Data Interchange, Archive and Backup Operations

M4 Data 9914V 9-Track Tape Drive

The high-performance, horizontal, 9-track 9914 tape drive from M4 Data has been so successful that a vertically mounted version, the 9914V, has been designed for cabinet depths of less than 9 inches (229 mm). Like the 9914, the 9914V excels in meeting the data interchange, data conversion, archiving and fast backup/restore requirements of almost all types of computers.

The Versatile Vertical Boasts Industry-Leading Features

The 9914V has the same industry leading features as its horizontal counterpart including:

  • Reading and writing in quad density
  • Dual-speed transfer rate of 125 and 42 inches per second (ips)
  • Optional dual-speed transfer rate model of 150 and 75 ips
  • Fast rewind speed at 320 ips
  • Buffered Pertec/Cipher or SCSI interface
  • Burst rates as high as 10 megabytes/second and an extensive diagnostic capability.

Also, a front-panel selection facility, with an alphanumeric display, enables easy connection to virtually all computers: PC, workstation or mainframe. Connectivity options include IBM AS/400, RS/6000, PC, Sun, HP, DEC, ICL, Unisys, Silicon Graphics, Motorola. And, consistent with its universal appeal, the 9914V can display its messages in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Ideal For Shallow Racks And Telecom

Versions of the 9914V are also available tuned to the special needs of the telecoms market. Specifically designed for use by Telecomm's manufacturers, the 9914V can accommodate the "shallow-rack" requirements unique to this industry.

The 9914V can be fitted with a 48 volt power supply option for telephone switching centers. Used by the people that invented the telephone, the "V" complies with applicable Bellcore standards to make this the ultimate in reliable data collection equipment.

Fast SCSI For Fast Transfer Rates

As another innovation, the 9914V is now available with FAST SCSI (SCSI-2), an optional feature designed to provide a significant improvement in throughput and efficiency.

An interchangeable card provides up to 2 megabytes of buffer, which allows the 9914V to closely emulate the performance of a start/stop drive, but win the inherent advantages of a streaming device. Single-ended and differential drivers on the same card provide more flexibility. In addition, FAST SCSI allows transfer rates of up to 10 megabytes/second, synchronously, and 7 megabytes/second asynchronously.

Automatic Tape Loading

Not only does the 9914V accept all tape reel sizes, but its straight tape path and air-loading system allow tape to be loaded automatically and the drive put on-line in ultra-fast time. In fact, the 9914V is the only vertically oriented streamer to have an auto-loading capability. And the drive is whisper-quiet in operation.


Easily installed software handles a wide range of tasks, including:

  • IBM / ANSI data interchange, file conversion, record select/reject
  • Tape copy and duplicate
  • Disk backup and restore
  • Long block data handling
  • Unix tar-MSDOS file conversion
  • Plus many specialist options

Best Reliability Rating

The design excellence of the 9914V ensures absolute reliability. Few moving parts, and the use of surface-mounted VLSI, have contributed to an MTBF* in excess of 23,000 hours. Advanced mechanical design, super-stable precision aluminum tape path, ceramic tape guides that don't touch the tape, and fail-safe over-tension protection, guarantee gentle and accurate tape handling. The result is you get longer tape life, superb head/tape alignment and less risk of data loss.

Impressive Serviceability

Internal fault-isolating diagnostics and highly modular Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) contribute to an MTTR** of less than 30 minutes. All FRUs are accessible from the front of the drive.

Diagnostics are self-contained and can be selected from the front panel or host-invoked over the SCSI interface. Access to the interior is gained by simply lowering the hinged main chassis. All assemblies are self-calibrating through the built-in diagnostics, so no adjustments are necessary.

* MTBF = Mean time between failures
** MTTR = Mean time to repair


Media: 1/2 inch tape; All reel sizes; Auto-loading
Format: 6250 / 3200 / 1600 / 800 bpi GCR / DDPE / PE / NRZ
Block size: No restriction


Dual-speed transfer rate: 125 & 42 ips; optional model with dual-speed transfer rate of 150 & 75 ips
Reposition time: 980 ms (max.)
Rewind speed: 320 ips average (150 ips archive)




With optional 1 MB cache and up to 1.2 MB/second data rate
Standard SCSI: 2 MB sec. asynchronous; Single-ended or differential, 512-K buffer; Full arbitration, disconnect/reconnect; Command set includes copy, write/read buffer, send/receive diagnostics
Optional Super SCSI:
Same as Standard SCSI but with up to 2 MB buffer; FAST SCSI implementation: 10 MB sec. synchronous 7 MB sec. asynchronous


Temperature: +10ø to +40ø C
Power: 100/120 V, 220/240 V a.c., -15 + 10%, 48-62 Hz, 200 VA (50 VA standby), 48 V d.c.(optional)
610 mm x 482 mm x 330 mm (24 in. x 19 in. x 13 in.)
Weight: 37 kg (81.4 lb)
MTBF*: > 23,000 hours
MTTR**: < 30 minutes


Standard two-year warranty and a world-wide network of factory-trained service specialists.
* MTBF = Mean time between failures; ** MTTR = Mean time to repair

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