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M4 Data 9906

M4 Data 9906
SKU: 134-01-11275

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Ultra Compact 9-Track Tape Drive

M4 Data 9906 9-Track Tape Drive

Meet the world's most compact 9-track tape drive... the 9906... available in two models. The 9906P supports 1600 (PE) and 3200 (DPE) bpi recording formats. The 9906G supports 1600 and 6250 (GCR) bpi formats. Both offer speeds to 100 ips.

Standard Pertec Interface... With SCSI Option

The 9906 comes standard with Pertec/Cipher interface, and has a SCSI (1 or 2) option, either single-ended or differential. This makes the 9906 versatile for desktop applications requiring data interchange with mid-range and mainframe systems.

You can get the 9906 with a desktop enclosure or an optional rack-mounting kit.

Full-Function 9-track In A Briefcase

It may sound impossible, but the 9906 is much the same size as a briefcase. That makes it the smallest auto-loading, self-threading, full-function 9-track drive that you can get.

It occupies only one third of the volume and around three-quarters of the width of a traditional drive, so it can be conveniently set next to PCs and workstations, and on top of desk-side computers, with minimal intrusion.

With its versatile and powerful software, the 9906 gives you the complete solution in a small but effective package.

Built To Satisfy The Most Discerning

Despite its small size, there has been no compromise in the standard of its design and construction. The 9906 reads and writes all reel sizes and all lengths of tape. It has been engineered to meet the stringent OEM requirements of the leading multi-national computer makers, but at an affordable price.

Auto-Load Feature

The 9906 really is very user friendly. Just slip a tape spool into a front-panel slot and the machine loads itself automatically. The 9906 also has an alphanumeric front-panel display to guide you by indicating drive status and to provide an extensive diagnostic capability. For additional reassurance the spool is always visible through the front window.

Data Transfer Rate Performance

Tape speed is up to 100 ips, and at 6250 bpi that's 37.5 MB/min. This speed greatly reduces the length of time taken to write or recover data on all but the slowest of host computers. Reposition times are comparable to those of larger, more expensive drives, and the option of buffered or non-buffered interfaces allows the 9906 to be configured to your exact needs. The high-performance SCSI and Pertec interfaces are compatible with most existing tape drives.

A Tape Path That Pampers Your Tapes

You can rely on the 9906 to give years of accurate tape handling, even in a typical knock-about office environment.

The tape path assembly is mounted on a super-stable precision aluminum casting, with four tape guidance elements that gently funnel the tape onto the head stack with minimum stress. All guidance elements are made from precision, polished ceramics and metals, and none touch the delicate recording surface of your tapes. All elements work in harmony to ensure positive tape-to-head alignment, minimal skew and long life.

The 9906 maintains a consistent 9-ounce tape tension to guarantee the degree of head-to-tape contact needed to write tapes thoroughly and to read them after long storage.

A Host Of Connectivity

The 9906 connects to IBM, RS/6000, AS/400, PCs, Sun, HP, DEC, ICL, Unisys, Silicon Graphics and Motorola, as well as to many other hosts, via the industry interface standard (Pertec/Cipher) or SCSI (1 or 2) interface.

Easily Installed Software Handles A Wide Range Of Tasks

  • IBM/ANSI data interchange, file conversion
  • Record select/reject
  • Tape copy and duplicate
  • Disk backup and restore
  • Long block seismic data handling
  • Unix tar - MSDOS file conversion
  • Plus many specialist application options

Full Warranty And Support

The 9906 comes standard with a two-year warranty and a worldwide network of factory-trained service specialists.



All formats are ANSI/ECMA compatible and are front panel or host-selectable.
Tape size: 6.0, 7.0, 8.5, or 10.5 in. (including 1.0 mil)


Model 9906P: 1600 bpi at 100 ips & 3200 bpi at 50 ips
Model 9906G: 6250 bpi GCR & 1600 bpi PE at 100 ips.




  • With optional 1 MB cache and up to 1.2 MB sec. data rate.

Standard SCSI:

  • 2.5 MB sec. synchronous; 2 MB sec. asynchronous
  • Single-ended or differential, 512 K buffer
  • Full arbitration, disconnect/reconnect
  • Command set includes copy, write/read buffer, send/receive diagnostics

Block Size

No restrictions


MTBF: >25,000 hours
MTTR: <20 minutes


100/120 V, 220/240 V a.c. -15 +10%, 48-62 Hz, 200 VA (50 VA standby) 48 V d.c. (optional)


134 mm x 326 mm x 552 mm (5.25 in. x 12.8 in. x 21.7 in.)
Weight: 28 kg (62 lb.)
Configuration: Desktop, with optional 19 in. rack mounting


Standard two-year warranty and a worldwide network of factory-trained service specialists.

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