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MAILERS+4 Professional

MAILERS+4 Professional

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Click here for a comparison of MAILER'S+4 Professional and MAILER'S+4 Standard.

Reduce undeliverable mail and save up to 65% in postage and printing - every time you mail!
  • Save on postage & printing!
  • Reduce undeliverable mail pieces!
  • Eliminate costly duplicates!
  • Increase response rates!
  • Get your mail delivered faster!

MAILERS+4 postal automation software prepares your mailing list to meet USPS requirements for maximum discounted mailings. This all-in-one CASS and PAVE certified software program verifies and standardizes addresses against the DPV and LACSLink files for the highest level of address accuracy.

MAILERS+4 adds ZIP + 4 codes, eliminates duplicate records, postal presorts to the lowest rates possible, and prints POSTNET barcoded labels, tags, and required postal forms.

MAILERS+4 is CASS, PAVE and POSTNET barcode certified by the USPS, ensuring you the highest level of address accuracy for the greatest deliverability and maximum direct-mail savings.

Please Note: International sales of this product may be limited geographically. Please contact us before bidding, if you are located outside the US.

The quoted shipping cost covers ground shipping for the entire subscription to US destinations. Your first DVD should arrive within a week!


  • Verify & Standardize Addresses - MAILERS+4 Pro verifies and standardizes U.S. addresses to USPS requirements for discounted mailings. It appends current ZIP+4, Carrier Route and the Delivery Point codes to the validated records in your list. MAILERS+4 Pro is CASS Certified and incorporates the DPV and LACSLink systems (mandatory for CASS discounted mailings in 2007). MAILERS+4 Pro also prints the required 3553 CASS form.
  • Enhance & Extend Your List - Use the Address Check feature to append marketing data to your records, like: county name, time zone, MSA, PMSA, congressional district, latitude & longitude, address type, Line of Travel (LOT) number and more.
  • Presort For Best Discounts - MAILERs+4 Pro presorts First-Class, Periodical and Standard Mail. The sort is optimized to get you the lowest possible postage. It handles letters, flats and postcards. It works with both profit and non-profit mailings. It supports the Enhanced Carrier Route subclass with Line of Travel (LOT). It also prints barcoded bag and tray labels required by the USPS. Save even more with destination discounts. Select from a list of Bulk Mail Centers (BMC), Sectional Center Facilities (SCF) and Destination Delivery Units (DDU). MAILERs+4 does all the work for you to deliver the best discounts. It even prints the USPS required 3600 series report and the Tray and bundle report. It's easy to use and very fast!
  • Print Barcoded Labels, Forms And Tags - Win USPS automation discounts by printing POSTNET barcodes directly onto forms, envelopes or label sheets from your own dot matrix or laser printer! You can print out your labels in natural, ZIP Code or presorted order - ascending or descending. If you run out of paper, you can easily re-start where you left off. USPS POSTNET Barcode Certified for letters, formfeed tags/labels and flats.
  • Become a Mailing Expert Instantly - You'll be ZIP coding your mailing list within minutes of installing MAILERs+4 Professional from your first DVD. Mailers+4 Professional is simply the easiest, most intuitive postal coding systems available.
  • Expand Your Horizons - When you are ready to push the envelope, Mailers+4 Add-Ons will be ready for you. Validate Canadian addresses, geocode to the ZIP+4 level, presort to snatch the Enhanced Line of Travel rate, process Move Updates in-house and more.


  • CASS Certified by the USPS to ensure the accuracy of ZIP+4, 5-digit ZIP, and Carrier Route codes.
  • PAVE Gold Certified by the USPS to assure presort accuracy of your mailings.
  • Delivery Point Validation (DPV) will be included after August 1, 2007.
Maximum size of mailing list documented for:
  • USPS Coding: No software limits!
  • USPS Presort: No software limits!
  • Duplicate checking: No software limits!
  • Data Entry and Management: No software limits!
  • Mail Merge+: No software limiters!
Please Note: Limitations beyond software control may be imposed by your operating system and/or computer equipment.
Package Includes
  • MAILERS+4 Professional programs
  • Current US Postal Service databases
  • Mailers+4 USPS CASS & PAVE Certified Mailing Software User's Guide (267pp).
System Requirements
  • Windows 2000, XP or better
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • 256 megabytes of RAM
  • 1.6 gigabytes of hard disk space

MAILER'S+4 Professional vs. MAILER'S+4 Standard

M+4 Professional Exclusives


Phone Check verifies the area code and prefix of phone numbers by comparing them to an up-to-date database included with MAILERS+4. It also checks the distance of a telephone number from its ZIP Code. If the telephone number is located too far from the ZIP Code, a "D" will appear in the Phone Check "Error" field.

For example, if your record has a phone number of 949-492-7000, Phone Check will verify the following:

  1. The area code 949.
  2. The prefix 492 is valid with the area code 949.
  3. The phone number is within a set distance from the center of its ZIP Code area (the default is 100 miles).
The last 4 digits of the phone number will not be checked.

Phone Check includes an up-to-date list of new area codes. If it finds an old area code-prefix combination in your list, it can update it with the new area code. Phone Check can verify two phone numbers at the same time. You must format bothphone numbers to take advantage of this new feature. Phone Check can also standardize the format of telephone numbers in your list.

When To Use Phone Check

Phone Check updates area codes and creates uniform phone number listings. It is a good idea to run lists through PhoneCheck when they are over three months old, and before beginning telephone campaigns.


Many applications require that name components be in separate fields. MAILERS+4 can parse (split) a full name into separate fields with its Name Parse feature. Name Parse is also helpful when conducting name searches and merging name fields in documents.

Name Parse contains a built-in database of 13,000 first names and their genders. If you create a Gender field in your list, Name Parse will insert the gender. "Genderizing" can be an effective tool for targeted mailings and for learning the gender composition of a list.

When To Use Name Parse

Name Parse can be very useful for creating personalized direct mail. By splitting names into separate fields, you can use the parsed name fields as merge fields in your documents. For example, include a First Name field in your letter to add a personal touch to your mailing. (Use Mail Merge to merge the First Name field into your document.) Gender coding also opens up a number of opportunities to target your mailings more effectively. Use the Gender field to determine salutations (Mr., Ms., and so on) in your letters, or to divide your list between men and women, and create a specific mailing for each gender.


Using a given ZIP Code as a center point, ZIPs in Radius will report all the ZIP Codes located within a user-defined radius. ZIPs in Radius accepts high and low radius limits, enabling you to conduct "Donut" searches. You can view the results of your search on-screen, print them as a report, or save them as a text file.

Records in Radius tells you how many records in your mailing list are located within a given range from a central ZIP Code. You can save a list of these records to a separate file. Records in Radius can also append the distance from the central ZIP Code to each of the records in your list.

When To Use ZIPs/Records In Radius

Use ZIPs in Radius or Records in Radius to target your mailings by ZIP Code or the distance from a central location.

If, for example, you want to send a mailing to prospects living within 25 miles of your store, enter your store's ZIP Code as the center point in ZIPs in Radius. It will then generate a listing of all the ZIP Codes within that area. You can use this information to acquire a new mailing list which targets these ZIP Codes.

You may also want to write a special letter targeting people who live within a given commute of your location, such as between 25-50 miles. ZIPs in Radius lets you do this by targeting ZIP Codes using high and low radius ranges.

Records in Radius lets you target existing customers by distance. You can find your closest customers (or how far you have to go to reach a certain number of them), and even save their records to a separate file.


What is Mail Merge+? Most businesses keep track of customers by entering their account information in a database.

When this database is used to personalize form letters and envelopes with the data from fields in a database record, it is known as a mail merge.

Why should you use it? Data from any field in an existing mailing list can be applied to your customer communications. You can also include your signature, logo, and the current date.

Std Pro MAILERS+4 Version Comparison
Postal Processing
  X Over 5000 records per mailing
X X Verify, correct & standardize U.S. addresses
X X Match exactly with Delivery Point Validation*
X X Add ZIP+4, carrier route & delivery point
X X Identify Early Warning System (EWS) addresses
X X Mark & eliminate duplicate entries
X X Verify & correct Canadian addresses*
X X Presort for First-Class, Standard, Periodicals
X X Mail at regular or non-profit rates
X X Sort to enhanced CRRT, WS, and HD
X X Sort to Enhanced Line of Travel (eLOT)*
X X Earn destination discounts: BMC, SCF, DDU
X X Print barcoded labels, cards, envelopes
X X Print ACS participant code & keyline
X X Print tray & sack tags, postal forms & reports
X X Process multiple files simultaneously
X X Enable scripting/batch mode processing
  X SmartMover NCOALink end user licensee
Database Analysis
X X Append geographic & marketing data
X X Count records by geographic area
X X Append Census tract & block numbers*
  X Append latitude & longitude
  X Profile list by demographics
Database Management
X X Work directly with .dbf, .txt, .csv, .mbd, .xls
  X Parse & genderize names
  X Update, verify & correct area codes
X X Customize data entry
X X Delete, recall & pack records
X X Export USPS street data
X X Import/export files
X X Search multiple fields for editing
X X Look up & verify a single address
List Maintenance
X X Export Nth & random records
X X Filter records by fields
  X Find records in a radius
  X Find ZIPs in a radius
  X Merge text & graphics into document
Printers Supported
X X All Windows & most non-Windows printers including band, dot matrix & laser
Link to Data Enhancement Services
X X Change of address (NCOALink)
X X Residential & business phone append
X X Walk sequence append (DSF)
X X Fax number append
X X Consumer enhancement bundle
X X Residential address append
X X 6 digit SIC code append
Product Information
X X Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
* MAILERS+4 Add-On

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