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IBM 3592-E06

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IBM 3592-E06

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IBM's Fastest 3592 Ever!

Refurbished IBM TotalStorage Enterprise TS1130 3592-E06 1152-Track Tape Drive


  • Native data transfer rate is:
    150% faster than a TS1120;
    3 x quicker than a 3592-J1A, and
    10 times faster than a 3590H.
  • A single cartridge can replace 1.4 TS1120 tapes, 3.4 3592-J1A tpae or 17 3590H tapes.
  • Enterprise storage reliability exceeds all SDLT, LTO and 3490E based storage products.
  • Read compatible with 3592-E05, and 3592-J1A. Writes 3592-E06 and 3592-E05 tapes.
  • Multiple attachment options, including Fibre Channel, ESCON, and FICON.

Transfer Data Faster

The TS1130 3592-E06 Tape Drive supports a sustained native data transfer rate of 160 MB/sec... and a burst rate of 400 MB/sec. In addition, the 3592-E06 adaptive instantaneous data algorithm increases data access speed, reducing backup and recovery times, as well as High Availability requirements.

Store Up to 3 Terabytes Per Tape!

A 3592 can store 1 TB of uncompressed data on one cartridge. At 3:1 compression, capacity triples to 3TB. This is the equivalent of seventeen 3590H cartridges.

The 3592 uses a single media type-the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Cartridge 3592-which can be reformatted as required.

Protect Your Data

The TS1130 3592-E06 supports data encryption and key management for z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, IBM i, AIX, HP, Sun, Linux and Windows.

Match The Drive To Your Environment

The 3592 attaches to these platforms and operating systems:

PlatformOperating System
IBM Power SystemsIBM AIX, IBM i1, Linux
IBM System pIBM AIX and Linux
IBM System iIBM i1 and IBM OS/4001
IBM System xsee open system support
IBM System zIBM z/OS, IBM z/VM, IBM VSE, Linux
Sun MicrosystemsSolaris
Intel or AMD hostsSUSE Linux
 Red Hat
 Microsoft Windows

Make Fewer Mistakes

The 3592 Tape Drive was built to protect mission-critical data. The 3592 incorporates many features to improve its reliability such as an improved Error Correction Code (ECC) and servo tracks written on each tape cartridge to ensure accurate reading and writing. Media has also been designed to improve the reliability and archive life. In addition, each 3592 contains resident advanced diagnostics that monitor the operation of the drive and aid in fast resolution should a problem occur.

Reduce Downtime

Reliability is especially important for unattended system backup. The 3592's advanced identification of potential drive or media problems enables operators to avoid critical outages when they can least afford them. When problems do occur, better diagnostics make for quicker resolution.

Step Up To TS1130, The Green Way.

Here's how Comco can help your corporation reduce its carbon footprint. We offer the best decommissioning services for most LTO, 36-track, 3590, LTO, and 3592 tape drives and libraries. Trade-ins are welcome, too.





Recording technique Linear serpentine
Number of tracks 1152 Tracks
Interface options Fibre Channel, ESCON, FICON


Uncompacted data rate 160 MB/sec
High-speed search speed 12.4 meters/sec
Max cartridge capacity
(native/3:1 compression)*
JB/JX cartridge: 1 TB/3 TB
JA/JW cartridge: 640 GB/1.9 TB
JJ/JR cartridge: 128 GB/384 GB


3.8 in H x 7.8 in W x 18.4 in D (95 mm x 198 mm x 467 mm)


Without power supply 12.5 lbs (5.7 kg)

Operating Environment

Temperature (media in use) 60 F to 90 F (16 C to 32 C)
Relative humidity 20% to 80%
Wet bulb 78 F (26 C) maximum
Heat output 307 BTU/hr
Power requirements 46 watts
*Depending on data content
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