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HP 88780 9-Track Tape Drive

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HP 88780 9-Track Tape Drive
SKU: 134-01-10650

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World's Most Durable 9-Track Tape Drive

Hewlett Packard's Twin Masterpieces: HP 88780 and HP 7980

HP's auto-loading 88780 is the undisputed 9-track tape drive champ. It rips through both 1600 & 6250 bpi tapes at up to 125 ips.

The HP 88780 Advanced Diagnostics tell you when something's wrong in plain English, not tech-speak.


Extended Warranty for Tape Drives

Our Extended Service eliminates hourly repair bills and puts you at the front of the line for tape drive repair. We repair many brands and formats of tape drives:

  • HP 88780/7980- based 9-track tape drives, including Tandem 5170, Tandem 5175, IBM 9348, Sun, Scitex, Sequent, AT&T, NCR;
  • 18-track, 36-track, 128-track, 256-track and 384-track SCSI by Xcerta, Fujitsu, Tandem, IBM, Sequent, Qualstar, Overland Data, JVC, MP Tapes, VDS. (Formats: 3480, 3490, 3490e, 3590, 3590e, 3590h.)
  • Don't wait till trouble finds you. Call 800-432-8638/563-355-1212 today.


    Plus this compact 9 track tape drive sports few moving parts & huge VLSI chips mated with surface mount technology. Options include Hewlett Packard data compression (GCRXC) & 800/1600/6250 tri-density.


    • Outstanding reliability
    • Autoload
    • Advanced front panel
    • Electronic cache buffer
    • Compact form factor

    The HP 88780 is an autoloading, horizontally-mounted 1/2-inch reel-to-reel tape drive. This 6250 GCR/1600 PE dual-density drive operates at 125 ips tape speed to maximize streaming performance. The compact HP 88780 features VLSI and surface mount technologies, a simplified mechanism, and low power consumption.

    Outstanding Reliability

    The HP 88780 offers industry-leading reliability, requires no preventative maintenance, and provides board-level diagnostics. This reduced need for service support keeps the cost of ownership low.


    The Autoload feature of the HP 88780 is designed for operator convenience. This front-loading tape drive automatically centers any standard size reel from 6 to 10.5 inches, locks the reel, and then threads the tape.

    Advanced Front Panel

    Alphanumeric front-panel indicators are highly visible and show drive status at a glance. Also, local language messages are available.

    Electronic Start/Stop Cache

    A 512-Kbyte electronic cache buffer manages data flow and simplifies driver and utilities designs to maintain streaming performance even during start/stop applications.

    Interface Options

    The HP88780 features three industry standard interface options: single-ended SCSI, differential SCSI, and Pertec-compatible. The SCSI interfaces include the SCSI copy command.

    Data Compression Option

    Compression ratios of 2:1 to 5:1 can be realized depending on the type of data being recorded. The compression function is transparent to the host and occurs only in GCR (GCRXC). This is supported only on drives with a SCSI interface.

    Flexibility in Mounting

    The 88780 is available in desktop cabinet. The compact, horizontal form factor makes this drive easy to mount into a 19-inch EIA standard rack. The front-loading door accomodates stacking in various rackmount configurations.

    While you can order Comco's HP 88780 as a bare drive, most folks prefer one of our turnkey solutions. These include the software, cable and controller combination that best fits the computer system. Comco offers total tape sub-systems for most computers, including PC, Mac, IBM AS400, RS6000, Sun and HP9000.

    Available variations of the 88780: 9348, 7980a, 7980s, 7980sx, 7980xc, 88780, 88780a, 88780b, 88780e, 88780s, 88780t, 5170, 5175, 9348-001, 9348-002,9348-011, 9348-012.


    Formatted Data Capacity:
    (2400 ft. tape)
    280-700 Mbytes, typical (GCRXC)**
    140 Mbytes, typical (GCR)
    40 Mbytes, typical (PE)
    20 Mbytes, typical (NRZI)

    Tape Speed

    Transfer Rate To/From Tape: 769 Kbytes/sec. (GCR) max.;
    208 Kbytes/sec. (PE) max.
    Read/Write: 125 ips
    Rewind: 90 sec. to rewind 2400 ft.


    Standard:6250 bpi (GCR); 1600 bpi (PE)
    Optional: 6250 cpi (GCRXC)** (supported only on SCSI); 800 bpi (NRZI)

    Power Requirements

    Line Voltage: 100-120 VAC; 200-240 VAC
    Line Frequency: 50-60 Hz.
    Power Consumption: 250 W max.; 20 W stand by; 170 W idle


    Height: 222 mm. (8.75 in.)
    Width: Front panel: 483 mm. (19.0 in.);
    Casting: 429 mm. (16.9 in.)
    Depth: Overall: 681 mm. (26.8 in.);
    Behind Panel: 610 mm. (24.0 in.)
    Weight: 36.6 kg. (81 lbs.)
    Product Certification: UL 478 (5th edition): CSA C22.2 No. 220-M1986 IEC 380: IEC 435: FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart J (Level A); FTZ Level B 1046/84 (with Level B controller) VDE 0806, VDE 0805 (Component approved): SASO: CISPER 22 (Class A); South African Bureau of Standards, Standards Act, March 1983, Notice R452
    Max. Block Rise On Tape: (May be limited by the host operating system); 256 Kbytes, (GCRXC)**; 256 Kbytes, (GCR); 64 Kbytes, (PE) interface specific; 64 Kbytes, (NRZI)
    Reliability: MTBF: 22,400 hours*; MTTR: 30 minutes.
    Read error rates: GCR hard: 1 in 10^11 at 90% statistical confidence; PE: 1 in 10^11 at 90% statistical confidence.

    Functional Character

    Internal Buffer Size: 512 Kbytes
    Operating Mode: Streaming
    Interfaces: SCSI (single-ended & differential); Pertec-compatible

    Environmental Conditions

    Operating Temperature: 15° to 32° C, non-condensing (range limited by media)
    Storage Temperature: -40° to 70° C
    Shipment Temperature: -40° to 70° C
    Rate Of Change: 20° C/hr.
    Relative Humidity: Operating: 20 to 80%, (less than 25° C max. wet bulb temp.); Storage or shipment: 90% at 40° C
    Altitude: Operating: 3000 m. (10,000 ft); Non-operating: 15,300 m. (50,000 ft)


    Operating, Random: 5-500 Hz. approx. 0.21g. rms.
    Non-operating, Random: 5-500 Hz. approx. 2g. rms.
    Non-operating, Swept Sine: 5-500-5 Hz., 0.5 g. rms. (0-peak)

    Audible Noise

    Read/write Operations:
    (A-weighted sound power)
    6.6 Bels A
    Tape-loading Operation:
    (A-weighted sound power)
    7.2 Bels A

    * Faliure rates are derived from a large data base of test samples. The actual faliure rate will vary from unit to unit. Not responsible for typographical errors.

    ** GCRXC is a Hewlett Packard data compression protocol implemented almost exclusively in non-PC HP computer systems.

    Available variations of the 88780: 9348, 7980a, 7980s, 7980sx, 7980xc, 88780, 88780a, 88780b, 88780e, 88780s, 88780t, 5170, 5175, 9348-001, 9348-002, 9348-011, 9348-012.

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