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Fujitsu M2488E

Fujitsu M2488E
SKU: 134-04-10600

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Fujitsu M2488E: 36-Track Power At An 18-Track Price!

Fujitsu M2488E 3480/3490/3490e 36-Track Tape Drive


Extended Warranty for Tape Drives

Our Extended Service eliminates hourly repair bills and puts you at the front of the line for tape drive repair. We repair many brands and formats of tape drives:

  • HP 88780/7980- based 9-track tape drives, including Tandem 5170, Tandem 5175, IBM 9348, Sun, Scitex, Sequent, AT&T, NCR;
  • 18-track, 36-track, 128-track, 256-track and 384-track SCSI by Xcerta, Fujitsu, Tandem, IBM, Sequent, Qualstar, Overland Data, JVC, MP Tapes, VDS. (Formats: 3480, 3490, 3490e, 3590, 3590e, 3590h.)
  • Don't wait till trouble finds you. Call 800-432-8638/563-355-1212 today.


    Fujitsu's latest version of its M2488E 36-track tape drive was released in October, 1997. The M2488E is a half inch cartridge tape drive with 3480/3490 & 3490E compatibility that reads and writes all 34XX Densities. The M2488E offers leading mainframe technology for data interchange and backup to workstations and other advanced computer platforms. It features a low profile designed for high-volume data transfer, as well as near-line and off-line storage applications. Built for superior speed and reliability, the M2488E 36-Track tape drive offers an easy, cost-effective way to optimize overall system performance and enhance productivity.

    Improve Near-Line Or Off-Line Storage Options...

    • Performance: Up to 20 MB/sec data transfer rates, advanced interfaces, fast search speeds, quick rewind, rapid positioning, short load/unload cycles, efficient buffering
    • Compatibility: ANSI -Standard media, format and compression based on IBM 3480/3490/3490E technology for easy data interchange
    • Reliability: Proven technology from a technology leader
    • Flexibility: A choice of configurations for maximum flexibility, now and into the future

    Performance Is The Key

    The M2488E 36-track tape drive offers high-speed data access and rapid transfer rates in a compact device-level tape drive. Fujitsu engineered this drive for optimal speed and efficiency, when moving, storing or accessing large blocks of data. The M2488E utilizes a range of high-speed, high-performance technologies to optimize data movement across the entire computer system from off-line archives to on line applications. These technologies combine to virtually eliminate sluggish, peripheral-bound operations that can cripple system efficiency and productivity.

    Easy Data Interchange

    The M2488E 36-track tape drive employs ANSI-Standard media with compression algorithms based on IBM 3480/3490/3490E technology, ensuring the easiest, most secure data interchange across complex computing platforms. That means important corporate data will always be available when it's needed, even when it's moving across mainframes, UNIX workstations, servers, PC's, distributed computing nodes and an assortment of storage subsystems. And for systems already using 3480/3490/3490E components, the M2488E is a perfect, low cost, high-performance storage replacement solution.

    The Flexible Storage Solution

    The M2488E is available in a variety of configurations to handle a range of customer options. Both desktop and rackmount models have the following optional features and functions available:

    • Automatic Cartridge Loader: Provides sequential or random processing of up to ten cartridges to support unattended backup of up to 24 GB.
    • Flush Mount Automated Cartridge Loader: Supports sequential or random processing of seven cartridges (16.8 GB maximum). It has the advantage of an automatic cleaning function.
    • Interface Personality Module: This convenient feature enables the M2488E to support a variety of SCSI interfaces that easily configure to address current and future requirements.
    • Seismic Data Feature: This feature facilitates a Read-After-Write verification processof data written to tape. It is ideal for seismic and other applications where it iscritical to ensure recorded data isn't corrupted.

    Key Features

    • Reads and writes 3480/3490/3490E tape formats
    • High level of data checking throughout
    • Integrated power supply
    • Downloadable firmware via cartridge, SCSI interface, or RS/232 interface (9-pin DB-9 connector)
    • Seismic Data Feature (optional)

    While we can sell you the tape drive by itself, Comco is best known for our complete tape drive sub-systems, which come with all the software, cables & SCSI controllers you need. Ask your Comco Rep for details.

    Available variations of the M2488 model "E": M2488E, M2488E1, M2488E2, M2488E3, M2488E4, M2488EA, M2488EA1, M2488EA2, M2488EA3, M2488EA4, M2488EF, M2488EF1, M2488EF2, M2488EF3, M2488EF4.






    20 Mb/s max. (asynchronous mode)
    10 Mb/s max. (synchronous mode)
    3.0 MB/s (sustained - uncompressed)
    9.0 MB/s (sustained - 3:1 compression)

    Host Interface

    ANSI Standard SCSI-2 (ANSI X3.133.131-1994)

    Data buffer capacity

    2 MB (Protected by CRC)

    Tape speed

    Nominal: 2.0 m/s (78.6 IPS)
    Search Mode: 4 m/s (157.2 IPS)

    Recording density

    75,742 bpi

    Recording capacity *1

    1.2 GB with 545 feet (single) length tape ane EDRC
    2.4 GB with 1100 feet (double) length tape and EDRC

    Recording method

    36-Track DD-NRZI (18-track Serpentine)

    Number of tracks

    18 (IBM read compatibility)
    18 (industry accepted write feature)
    36 (read/write)

    Load/unload time

    13 sec. (typical)

    Rewind time (typical)

    55 sec. (typical) single length tape
    100 sec. (typical) double length tape

    Physical Specifications




    10 Cartridge Mag



     127 mm
    (5.0 In.)
     217 mm
    (8.5 in)
    (15.74 in)

     127 mm
    (5.0 in)
     217 mm
    (8.5 in)
     226 mm
    (8.9 in)

     388 mm
    (15.3 in)
     128 mm
    (5.0 in)
     139 mm
    (5.5 In)


    12 kg
    (26.5 lb.) Max

    5.1 kg
    (11.2 lb.) Max

    Mean time to repair (MTTR)

    Less than 30 min

    Mean time between failures (MTBF)

    50,000 hours

    Available variations of the M2488 model "E": M2488E, M2488E1, M2488E2, M2488E3, M2488E4, M2488EA, M2488EA1, M2488EA2, M2488EA3, M2488EA4, M2488EF, M2488EF1, M2488EF2, M2488EF3, M2488EF4.

    More Pictures
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