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The DataPipe Difference

DataPipe is far more than a traditional data manipulation application:
  • DataPipe is the only database application where you can interactively search and replace through records in your database
  • DataPipe's pattern matching AND replacing allows you to rearrange the text in a field e.g. swapping surnames and first names
  • And DataPipe provides all this without the need for custom programming, however, ...
  • ...If you need to perform custom processing, DataPipe allows you to write your own filters in industry standard VBScript, JScript or a variety of other scripting languages.

Why waste hours manually fixing data?

DataPipe performs both interactive and automatic search/replace on the fields in any database. You can perform complex search and replaces, capitalize, standardize addressing, and fix any number of awkward text processing issues, all without programming. With DataPipe you can achieve in seconds what would take hours with other database tools or programming languages. Start taking control of your data NOW!

Every database contains some degree of invalid or incorrect data, usually because of operator error or programming errors. These errors can prevent normal processing of the data, can cause searches for the records to fail, and invalid data formatting can cause mail-merges of the data to look very unprofessional.

DataPipe includes TextPipe Pro, and applies its amazing text processing capabilities to data in your database. TextPipe provides a huge range of filters for manipulating text. DataPipe's unmatched power comes from TextPipe's unique architecture and combining and arranging it's filters to suit each task.

Process Data From Anywhere

DataPipe connects to any industry standard OLE DB/ODBC database using database drivers provided by the database vendors.

Lightning Fast Search and Replace

DataPipe offers the fastest and most powerful search and replaces:
  • Exact search (including multi-line and binary character search)
  • Pattern or wildcard search
  • 'Sounds-like' search
  • Fuzzy search (great for finding typing errors)
  • Click here for more details
The replacement text can include all or part of the original text or a re-arrangement of it, and the case of the replacement text can be automatically altered to preserve the case of the original text. The replacement text can also be modified by any combination of filters such as by converting it to Upper Case, performing further search and replaces inside the replacement text or even a database or dictionary lookup.

Manipulate Precise Sections of Text

DataPipe can manipulate specific portions of the text rather than the entire text, such as Line Ranges, Column Ranges, Lines Matching a Pattern and Lines Not Matching a Pattern. You can combine sections together, for example, to alter a specific line and column range. You can also apply further text manipulations to the Replaced Text in a Search and Replace operation, such as by making the Replacement Text UPPERCASE.

Enterprise Features

DataPipe's enterprise features include:
  • No limit on manipulations in a single pass - so if you have 8 million records, you only need to change them once
  • No limit on the number of records processed
  • Detailed audit logs to track job start and end times and unsuccessful updates
  • Restart control logic to resume aborted jobs
  • Precise control over cursor and locking options to optimize speed with your database.

CRM Integration

DataPipe makes it easy to connect to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like GoldMine, Onyx, Siebel, Great Elk, ACT!, Eipiphany and more.

User Benefits

Check out the powerful functions listed below:
  • Fast!
  • Interactive search and replace - check records before you change them
  • Process multiple tables in multiple databases
  • Correct capitalization in names and surnames (even with names like Mac and Mc, de and van de etc)
  • Swap data fields around, such as date fields MM/DD/YYYY -> DD/MM/YYYY, swap surnames and first names etc
  • Standardize formatting of addresses (e.g. PO Box, P.O. Box, POBOX)
  • Standardize phone number formatting (e.g. 800 612 0382, (800) 612-0382)
  • Convert currency amounts to words for check printing e.g. $7 -> "Seven Dollars and no cents"
  • Extract email addresses for your next marketing campaign
  • Trim blanks and multiple white space
  • Remove binary "garbage" characters
  • Remove HTML and XML
  • Insert or remove text within a field
  • No need for custom programming in 99% of cases. If you need to, you can write custom code using industry-standard VBScript or JScript
  • Easy to use with integrated online help and tips
  • Automate DataPipe to run at predetermined times using an external scheduling tool, such as Windows Task Scheduler


  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista and Vista 64
  • Hard Disk with 15 MB free disk space
  • 64 MB RAM
  • SQL Server, Access, Informix, Sybase, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, DBF, FoxPro, FileMaker Pro, Excel Spreadsheets or any OLE DB/ODBC compliant database.

License Options

  • Single User License

    May either be used by one person who uses the software exclusively on one or more non-server class computers, or installed onto a single non-server class computer that is used non-simultaneously by multiple people. If the software is installed onto multiple non-server class computers and more people than the original licensee will use the software, each additional user must obtain a license for themselves. If you have both a Desktop and Laptop computer, you may install ONE (1) copy on each computer provided there is no chance of both being used at the same time.

  • Site License

    May be installed on up to 200 computers of server class and non-server class at one site only.

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