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Canadian Master Delivery Series

Canadian Master Delivery Series

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Now you can virtually eliminate the costly problems associated with undeliverable mail and wasted postage. Master Delivery Series makes it easy to enter, look up and correct Canadian addresses. And, you can eliminate the complication and confusion associated with presorting and preparing mailings-all while saving money on your postage.

Master Delivery Series is a suite of three powerful-yet easy-to-use software programs that provide you with the most comprehensive Canadian address and mail-management solution available.

Master Delivery Series includes:
  • SmartAddresser: Your Guarantee of Accurate Addresses

    SmartAddresser ensures that your company's mail contains a correct address. Not just the postal code, but also every address component from the house number to the province. SmartAddresser not only automatically corrects most address errors; it also provides extended status codes to indicate the reason for the address correction, such as incorrect Postal Code or a misspelling. This validation and correction software is recognized under Canada Post's rigorous Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP). With SmartAddresser,you can be sure of meeting the elevated address-accuracy standards required by Canada Post for obtaining incentive mailing rates.

  • SmartLookup: Instant Access To Addresses and Postal Codes

    SmartLookup is a simple, cost-effective solution to the business expense of undeliverable mail. An electronic version of the Canadian Postal Code Directory, SmartLookup gives you instant access to the most up-to-date addresses and postal codes in Canada at the touch of a button. SmartLookup lets you easily "pop-up" a window to check the validity of an address, even while you are working with your other Windows applications. Cut and paste the new address application into your word processing, spreadsheet, or other application.

  • SmartSort: The Professional Presort Software

    SmartSort is a convenient way to lower your postage costs. This easy-to-use, professional presort system eliminates the complication and confusion associated with preparing mailings. SmartSort offers you the flexibility of performing letter, publications and addressed admail sorts. SmartSort not only sorts your mail, it also calculates bag, bundle and pallet sizes; creates bag and bundle labels; and generates all the reports required for the Canada Post Statement of Mailing.

With Master Delivery Series,you have the power to improve the deliverability of your mail. Limiting the business expense caused by undeliverable mail resulting from incorrect addresses. Master Delivery Series maximizes profits by saving time and allowing you to qualify for incentive mailing rates.

Address Accuracy: The Key to Successful Mailings

Every undeliverable piece of mail costs your business the time to prepare the mailing plus the cost of materials, printing and postage. Add to that the cost of lost opportunity, such as delayed or unpaid invoices and low response to marketing campaigns. It's easy to see how undelivered mail can dramatically affect your bottom line. With Master Delivery Series,you can ensure that your mail is correctly addressed and postal-coded to comply with Canada Post specifications. That means deliverability, saving time, and allowing you to qualify for incentive mailing rates.

Postal Presorting: The Smart Way to Lower Postage Expenses

You could be qualifying for Discount Rate Incentive Mailings and reducing your postage costs by more than 50% by presorting your mail to Canada Post specifications. That's hardly spare change, which is why Master Delivery Series is indispensable for your letters, publications and advertising mail. Your mailing efficiency goes up while your costs go down.

High Performance

Master Delivery Series puts the most current Canada Post database with over 11.6 million addresses and 800,000 postal codes at your fingertips! And Master Delivery Series processes any size ASCII delimited or fixed-field data file at speeds in the millions of records per hour.

Always Up-to-Date & Worry-Free

With your subscription to Master Delivery Series, you don't have to worry if Canada Post changes any of its addressing information or presorting standards. A yearly subscription to Master Delivery Series provides monthly updates to the master files already on your system, plus all product upgrades, enhance-ments and technical support.

Master Delivery Series Features

  • Carries SERP recognition from Canada Post to meet address accuracy requirements
  • Works with any size of list with processing speeds of up to 1 million records per hour
  • Contains every postal code and corresponding addresses in Canada
  • Works directly with ASCII delimited and fixed-field datafiles
  • Produces all verification documentation required by Canada Post
  • Provides postal code lookup
  • Allows on-screen address lookup and correction
  • Provides easy-to-use menus
  • Template function saves layout definitions for future use
  • Generates all reports required for Canada Post Statement of Mailing plus bag and bundle labels
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