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Features and Benefits

  • Accepts unlimited names and addresses
  • Reads and writes data files in dBase, ASCII (delimited or fixed field) and other formats
  • Detects multi-level duplicates in up to 6 lists at once
  • Provides Nth sampling for list testing
  • Generates 5 types of marketing reports
  • Lets you design and print custom letters, labels or envelopes
  • Includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, carrier route, ZIP+4 and delivery point barcode presorting
  • Prints all USPS ZIP+4 and delivery point barcodes to save you money
  • Prints sack and tray tags, plus information for USPS forms and postage reports
  • Customize your data entry screens to fit your needs
  • Save loads of time because ArcList fills in city & state automatically when you type in the ZIP
  • Perform sophisticated database jobs (like parsing name fields) with ease
  • Generate form letters to mail-merge with your list
  • Add 11-digit ZIP codes for Delivery Point Barcoding, carrier route codes & address standardization during data entry with the optional interface to AccuMail.

System Requirements

  • IBM PC or compatible with 640K RAM; 6.2MB disk space
  • DOS 3.0 or higher
  • Compatible with Novell 2.10 or later
  • Complete printer support for: Amadek, Anadex, Brother, Bryce, C. Itoh, Cal-Abco, Centronics, Compu-Act Bar+4, Datasouth, Diablo, Epson, Fujitsu with POSTNET band, Genicom, Genicom Linewriter, HP LaserJet (basic and envelope), IBM Proprinter, Wheelprinter, Tally, NEC, Okidata Microline, Qume Spirit, Radioshack, Rena, Taneum, Toshiba, Transtar (certain models only).

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[Comco has been a proud member of the NetCheck Commerce Bureau since July of 1997.]
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