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Address Change Service (ACS) Module for SmartAddresser 2020

Address Change Service (ACS) Module for SmartAddresser 2020

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The Address Change Service (ACS) is an automated electronic enhancement to the Postal Service's traditional manual process that provided address corrections to mailers. ACS fulfillment notifications are transmitted nightly to the National Address Information Center in Memphis where they are consolidated and provided to ACS-participating mailers.

SmartAddresser 2020's ACS Module lets you follow the "movers" on your mailing list and automatically updates your lists with all NCOA (National Change of Address) information provided by the U.S. Postal Service. It completely eliminates manual data entry due to return mail.

Why Do You Need the ACS Module?

In accordance with U.S. Postal Regulations, effective July 1, 1997, all addresses appearing on mailings at the presorted or automation rates must be updated within six months of the mailing date by a USPS-approved update tool. The ACS Module for SmartAddresser 2020 helps you comply with this new regulation - quickly, easily and cost-effectively.


The ACS Module is often the best way to keep your lists up-to-date with new address changes and deletions. With ACS, you do not send your list to an outside service for the NCOA procedure. The NCOA method can be very expensive, as it requires you to pay for each address on your list. When you use ACS, you pay only for the changes. Another advantage of ACS over NCOA is that your lists are always current, whereas NCOA lists that you send to an outside service for correction may quickly become obsolete.

How Does the ACS Module Work?

The ACS Module works directly with SmartAddresser 2020. Simply load the ACS Module into your computer (it can be accessed directly from SmartAddresser 2020). Notify the U.S. Postal Service in Memphis that you are using ACS Certified Software and would like to register as an ACS Participant. At that point, they will assist you in determining how you want the address changes (normally on diskette) and with what regularity (daily, semi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly). While they process your paperwork, you can start preparing your mailings for ACS.

The ACS Module will automatically go through your database and assign a unique locator number to each record. This number will appear as a "key line" in the address block of your mail piece and, in combination with the words Address Correction Requested below the return address, will permit your mailings to be in full compliance with the Address Change Service. Then all you have to do is submit your mailing as usual.

The Rest is Easy!

When you get the diskette from the Postal Service, simply open the database you mailed and check the options that you want to apply to this particular mailing ("Don't Update Record If..."). Your Database will automatically update the latest address changes, without any manual data entry, at the rate of five million records per hour!

Major Benefits

  • No charge to join ACS (USPS).
  • Pay only for returned mail.
  • Eliminate manual address corrections/electronic address change information for your mailings.
  • Eliminate deluge of returned mail pieces.
  • Save time. Receive address changes on a timely schedule (you determine frequency).
  • Save money. Substantial costs savings; returned mail costs you only 20 cents each instead of 37 cents or more!
  • Address change disk is sent directly to the company doing the mailing for efficient and timely processing.
  • Total compliance with the new postal regulations for submission of presorted or automation mailings.
  • Increase response rates by making sure you reach the intended recipient.
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