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Accumail Gold

Accumail Gold

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Anyone who has worked with address data knows how difficult it is to build an accurate database. All data starts with a typist whose inevitable misspellings, transposed numbers and omissions add up to incorrect address data that costs you a fortune.

These are not address changes when someone moves - these are physical changes when the actual address changes. The address accuracy of your address data - and your ability to stay in touch with customers and prospects - evaporates with each passing day.

AccuMail Gold Features

  • CASS Certified by the USPS continuously for over a decade.
  • Quickly and easily corrects, parses and standardizes every codeable address in your database and adds Carrier Routes, ZIP+4, Line of Travel Information (LOT) and Delivery Point Barcode (DPB) information.
  • Allows you to identify and analyze un-coded addresses so previously undeliverable addresses can be corrected and included with the rest of your mailings; by standardizing addresses, costly duplicates can be eliminated.
  • Interacts with the USPS National Database so you can see the most current address range created by the USPS, as well as allowing you to perform single address lookups.
  • Prints USPS Form 3553 facsimiles, standard coding summaries and custom reports. Also prints addresses on single envelopes and labels in addition to the 11 digit barcode.
  • Accepts most database formats, including ASCII fixed length, ASCII delimited file format and dBase file formats. Interfaces directly with MS-Word, Wordperfect, Goldmine and SalesLogix. This allows AccuMail Gold to correct and code lists generated by most mailing list or database management programs available today.

Wrong Addresses Cost You Cash

According to the USPS, over 30% of all mail is undeliverable as addressed. That means it's delayed, returned or ends up in the trash. Sound expensive? It's worse than you know.

Beyond the huge cost of the postage, printing, materials and labor that go into every piece of undeliverable mail, there is the immeasurable cost of lost opportunity.

It gets worse. You won't always know which mail never reached its mark or arrived days or weeks late. You just keep spending money on addresses that bring you no return.

Accumail Gold Dramatically Increases Deliverability

Accumail Gold compares your addresses against a USPS database of address ranges in the United States and deciphers inaccuracies or incomplete addresses to correct misspelled street names and inaccurate ZIP codes, cities and states.

Accumail Gold appends ZIP+4 codes that speed mail delivery and that will qualify your mail for lower postage rates.

Here is an example of before and after address correction by Accumail Gold:

Mr. & Mrs. Larry SandersMr. & Mrs. Larry Sanders
5505 WesT SunSetT5505 W Sunset Blvd
Hollywoode Calif. 90083Los Angeles CA 90028-8521
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