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Accumail Gold COM Object Toolkit

Accumail Gold COM Object Toolkit

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Accumail Gold Connections: COM Object is designed to assist even the novice developer with the task of integrating the power of Accumail Gold address correction into a web or windows application.

What is COM?

The acronym COM stands for Component Object Model, a software architecture that allows the components made by different software vendors to be combined into a variety of applications. COM defines a standard for component interoperability, is not dependent on any particular programming language, is available on multiple platforms, and is extensible.

The COM Object connection solution is the easiest to use and is most often used in conjunction with the following development environments:

  • VBScript, JScript, JavaScript or CGI scripting for internet or intranet applications
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (Transact SQL)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) (MS Access, MS Word, etc...)
  • Visual FoxPro
The COM Object toolkit can be integrated into many other development environments as well as the ones listed above. Virtually any language that allows the creation of a COM object can be used with the Accumail Gold Connections: COM Object.


Thanks to the design of the COM standard, the COM Object can be used in a number of different development environments. Most common is the integration of Accumail Gold's address correction functionality on company websites that capture addresses from visitors for the purposes of shipping an order or registering a user. The COM Object can also be used with database programs such as SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Access and Microsoft FoxPro and even word processing programs such as Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.


The COM Object toolkit is very simple to use and can be implemented into the simplest of environments in as little as an hour or two. Below is an example of how easy it is to implement the Accumail Gold Connections: COM Object into to a typical ASP web page using VBScript:

	'Step One: Object Instantiation (Creation)
	Set AmgObj = CreateObject("AMGold.Z4Object")

	'Step Two: Initialize the Accumail Gold database
	ReturnValue = AmgObj.Initialize()

	'Step Three: Clear buffers
	ReturnValue = AmgObj.ClearBuffers()

	'Step Four: Set your address input
	ReturnValue = AmgObj.SetField("COMPANY",_
        "Comco, Inc.")
	ReturnValue = AmgObj.SetField("STREET",_
        "2211 Grant St.")
	ReturnValue = AmgObj.SetField("SUITE", "")
	ReturnValue = AmgObj.SetField("CITY", "Bettendorf")
	ReturnValue = AmgObj.SetField("STATE", "ia")
	ReturnValue = AmgObj.SetField("ZIP", "52722")

	'Step Five: Perform Lookup
	ReturnValue = AmgObj.Lookup()

	'Step Six: Get Corrected and Extra_
        'Address Information
	company = AmgObj.GetField("COMPANY")
	street = AmgObj.GetField("STREET")
	street2 = AmgObj.GetField("STREET2")
	suite = AmgObj.GetField("SUITE")
	city = AmgObj.GetField("CITY")
	Urb = AmgObj.GetField("URB")
	state = AmgObj.GetField("STATE")
	zip = AmgObj.GetField("ZIP")
	zip4 = AmgObj.GetField("PLUS4")
	ErrorMsg = AmgObj.GetField("ERRORMSG")
	LastLine = AmgObj.GetField("LASTLINE")
	CountyCode = AmgObj.GetField("COUNTYCODE")
	CountyName = AmgObj.GetField("COUNTYNAME")
	HouseNum = AmgObj.GetField("HOUSENUMBER")
	PreDir = AmgObj.GetField("PREDIR")
	StreetName = AmgObj.GetField("STREETNAME")
	StreetSuffix = AmgObj.GetField("STREETSUFFIX")
	PostDir = AmgObj.GetField("POSTDIR")
	SUD = AmgObj.GetField("SUD")
	UnitNum = AmgObj.GetField("UNITNUM")
	ResultCode = AmgObj.GetField("ERRORCODE")
	Corrections = AmgObj.GetField("CORRECTIONS")
	Leftovers = AmgObj.GetField("Leftovers")

	'Step Seven: Finalize (Close) the object
	ReturnValue = AmgObj.Finalize()

That is all there is to it! More examples like these are included with the COM Object documentation and program samples.


Minimum Recommended
  • Pentium or AMD class processor at 166 MHZ
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 100 MB Free Disk Space
  • Windows 95 or higher operating system (Required by StreetRite database)
  • Microsoft IIS 4.0 or higher for ASP page samples
  • Pentium or AMD class processor at 500 MHZ or higher
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 400 MB Free Disk Space
  • Windows 98 or higher operating system (Required by StreetRite database)
  • Microsoft IIS 4.0 or higher for ASP page samples

What's Included

  • Sample program and source code for the following development environments:
    • Microsoft Access 97
    • Microsoft Access 2000
    • Microsoft Access XP
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Using Visual Basic and ADO
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Using Transact SQL Language
    • ASP Web Page using VBScript
    • ASP Web Page using JScript
    • Visual Basic 6.0 Test Application
  • StreetRite COM Object API (Application Programming Interface) documentation
  • Technical Support 800 number
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